So here recently I’ve been playing a lot with clay and sculptures.

I don’t have a kiln nor do I have the money to get one so I’m left with air dry and oven baking.

In my search, I found Sculpey. Has bright colors, is within a starving artist’s budget, is easy to work with, and can be baked.

However, I’ve been reading reviews because I’ve made the mistake before of buying clay without reading the reviews and it failed horribly.

I’ve been trying to determine if I need to get a finisher for the clay after I bake it as well as to how well it holds up after being baked.

So far, I’ve not been disappointed withe Sculpey. It’s been everything they’ve said and as long as I keep it stored properly it doesn’t get dried out or crumble unless I step on my dragon’s tail. I’ve been fairly happy with it, however I’ve not yet baked anything either. I’m still indecisive and slightly afraid of baking it and ruining all of my hard work.

So what is your guy’s experience with Sculpey? What kind of clay do you like to use for your sculptures and art projects?


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