Albino dragon 2


While baby boy here still hasn’t been baked yet, I think he’s pretty much finished and ready to go and receive the final touches.

He’s turned into a skeleton baby dragon which I find adorable and it fits his lonely and heart broken persona.


Let’s hope that this sculpey clay doesn’t disappoint and the clay doesn’t fall apart after baking.


10 thoughts on “Albino dragon 2

      1. Not very long, I baked him for 15 minutes at 275. However, I’ve also never baked them before and he’s sitting at home cooling. So I won’t know the results until later tonight when I get home.


    1. Thank you. I love your work on your fierce water dragon. I’ve actually got four of them now in the nest. My idea is that I’ll do different stages for them in growth from babies to elders, adding more details as they grow older.
      I think everyone has a different take on our lovely magical creature here. I enjoy seeing other’s perceptions as well.

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