Back to Class

Hard to believe it’s been 3 months…I’ve completed a few sketches recently but not much more.

You know the longer I go the better I learn that this isn’t quite like riding a bike, the longer you go without doing any of this the rustier your skills become and the harder it is to get back in the groove.

So I guess it’s time to go back to class? giphy (19)



So, I’ve been a member of Etsy for quite some time. Mainly because I love Jasmine Becket Griffith and I would get stuff from her store on there.

Here recently, as I finish my first nest of dragons and I prepare them for their gift giving, I started to wonder about the others that I make. The thought that popped in my head was Etsy. I could make a shop on Etsy and start selling my work.

I’m not really sure though. I couldn’t do it for a little while anyways as I’m still finishing up my nest and would need to make more pieces, but I’ve been looking into it.

What are you guy’s thoughts?


Waterfall Coloring Pencils

image 1

So my mom got these interesting coloring pencils that are water color pencils.

You draw with them and then take a paint brush and dip it in water and then create a water color painting.

I haven’t tried out the water part but plan to by this weekend. So we shall see what it turns out like.

frozen heart


Beneath the ice and thorns there lies a beating heart that bleeds.

So yesterday after dealing with some betrayal, I was inspired and this was one of the things to come out of my mind. I beating heart that’s encased in ice and wrapped in thorns.

Let me know what you guys think, and please tell me what it means to you.