Weekend Failure

Well this weekend’s project didn’t come to pass, but look at these guys!


They’re just so adorbs!




Striker Class


Striker class, enough said. Will smother out the edges and marks and then bake. Will be making this one into a necklace.

The Undetermined Creature

Here is my latest creation!

I started out with a basic idea and this is what resulted.

A baby sea monster/galaxy dragon.

I love the colors and the way he turned out.

He reminds me of the loch ness monster from the water horse honestly.

You can find him available on my Etsy shopetsy 1 etsy 2 etsy 3 etsy 4

Lavinia-the steampunk glow in the dark dragon

etsy 8

Lavinia is my steampunk dragon. She’s part magic and part machine.

She’s even got her own little gears to show where she ticks.

etsy 5 etsy 6 etsy 7

I also made her a pillow and a small glow in the dark gear to use as a night light when she’s sleeping in the dark.

etsy 9 etsy 11 etsy 10

She has small white metal patches holding her together. Which by the way….

etsy 12 etsy 13


I got the glow in the dark clay to test it out. I had seen it online on the sculpey website and I was curious. I baked little Lavinia here and when I turned out the lights in my room, she glowed and I’m not ashamed to admit the fact that I FREAKED! It was an awesomley epic moment.