Weekend’s Project

This weekend’s project is going to still be focusing on Smaug’s harness. However, I’m also going to be working on a second project this weekend.

Here for the past couple of days I’ve been kind of haunted by this image and it’s just dying to come to life. I can’t wait to show you guy’s my progress on Monday.


Latest Art Project

So, my latest art project happens to be a harness for baby bearded dragons in the ranging size of 4 inches. A 2 inch body with 2 inch tail.

The reason for this being that little one has the tendency of running off exploring. He crawls back when he’s tired when he doesn’t get stuck. And there in lies the problem, he gets stuck. A lot. Normally in boxes that he’s climbed into and can’t get out of.

My main goal for this is going to be to create his actual harness out of sowing thread braided together for friendship bracelets and then attaching a leash to the harness itself.

I’m also working on a few voodoo dolls! As I’ve been busy taking care of a rather picky baby dragon who is in the process of shedding, I’ve not had much time to work on anything else for Friday’s post. So this first Friday there won’t be an update unless I get the plans for the harness sketched out.. Look forward to next Monday though! Hopefully the first prototype of this will be done as well as a few voodoo dolls.