Don’t ever forget the old days

Reminiscing, going through a sketchbook from high school and found some old sketches. I can hardly believe it’s only been a few year’s since I made these. I can still remember sitting with crossed legs on my bed debating on just what colors, what lyrics, how long to make her hair….now look where I am



Waterfall Coloring Pencils

image 1

So my mom got these interesting coloring pencils that are water color pencils.

You draw with them and then take a paint brush and dip it in water and then create a water color painting.

I haven’t tried out the water part but plan to by this weekend. So we shall see what it turns out like.

frozen heart


Beneath the ice and thorns there lies a beating heart that bleeds.

So yesterday after dealing with some betrayal, I was inspired and this was one of the things to come out of my mind. I beating heart that’s encased in ice and wrapped in thorns.

Let me know what you guys think, and please tell me what it means to you.

Sakura Tree: Stage 1

So recently I decided to try some new clay. Before I had always used air dry clay and I wanted to try out the bake clay. So I got some of various colors, now before I started any of my projects with it that I’ve been planning, I decided to do a test first.


This is my results so far. I’ve tried putting the blossoms on in several different ways, not sure exactly how it’ll look completed. Not even sure if it looks like what I was intending either.

I was thinking about accompanying it with a large cherry blossom, either as a painting or as a sculpture.
What are your guy’s thoughts?

A few sketchs for school

For a recent class assignment, I had to create some original images to use for my pyschology of play class.

So here they are. Let me know what you guys think.

WP_20150606_20_16_45_ProWP_20150606_13_07_06_Pro WP_20150606_13_35_36_Pro


I may do more, I may not or I may do more with just a few of them. Considering I doodled them in 15 minutes, I think they turned out better then expected.

Any thoughts?